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Layers and Issues with Cats

Having fun designing my character Nasira. Her head is a little too big. I'd rather have her closer to eight heads than seven. That is nitpicking though. The fact that I've actually sat down and drawn something is the greater accomplishment. The little sketch is my experience with my cat

Nasira and Devika

I feel like there is some questionable anatomy here (that arm is bleh), but otherwise I'm mostly pleased with it. This is the first time I've really attempted to draw Devika. She's a fairly new character, and a necessary one. Her addition to the story has allowed me to better

Older sketches…

As I no longer have a Deviant Art page I suppose I can upload some of my older sketches that I still like.   Below: A few sci-fi fashion designs. A redesign for Sephiroth from FF7 that was for some contest, I think. Looks rather Raiden-ish.   These are sketches of my character Nasira. She's