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Illustration Class Week 9

Moving into color, which is rather exciting. I did edit my underpainting a bit after starting color on another file, so I'm going to do some fancy editing as I like what's going on with her left leg. The third image is my instructor's paintover. I really need to figure

SmART Illustration Class

Not long ago I started taking a class taught by Todd Lockwood through SmART School. It has been challenging and incredibly educational. It's dawned on me that I really need to upload on my site more often, so following are progress images in the class up to last week.

The cook that’s not a cook…

I did this painting for a WotC open art test. While attending SDCC I stopped by the Westin with some awesome artists and I asked for a critique of the above image from someone. He (I feel terrible as I can't remember his name) gave a very good critique, mostly