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Women Warriors

  One day I thought to myself "Why do women get the short end of the stick when it comes to cool armor?" So I came up with the idea for a group of female warriors/sisters/daughters of a wolf goddess. The designs for the 2nd and 3rd warriors I had already

MV sketches

Sketches from some random music videos. I didn't pause the videos, but rather tried to focus on a pose (usually no longer than a split second) and then trying to sketch it quickly from memory. It's a great exercise.   ¬†  

Catching Up

I've been drawing off and on between working on a friend's website and my own. So here's a nice big art dump. Some are good, some eh, not so much. Also I should say that I'm getting my life drawing reference from some excellent collections you can download for the


My perspective is embarrassingly¬†atrocious, so I'm adding "perspective" to my list of things to practice. I got a bit lazy with the stuff in the background, which is bad. I'd say it's just as bad as hiding hands and/or feet in figure drawing, or not drawing them at all.  

One day at a time…

I really need to hook up my scanner. It's frustrating getting the levels right when you take a picture of newsprint with bad lighting and a mediocre camera.

2012 – Make it so.

Alright holidays are over for now. I did manage to do some drawing! Being in the middle of the desert there are no regularly schedule life drawing classes, that I know of. Thankfully there are several decent collections available on the Kindle. I downloaded a couple and have been practicing the