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Illustration Class Week 9

Moving into color, which is rather exciting. I did edit my underpainting a bit after starting color on another file, so I'm going to do some fancy editing as I like what's going on with her left leg. The third image is my instructor's paintover. I really need to figure

SmART Illustration Class

Not long ago I started taking a class taught by Todd Lockwood through SmART School. It has been challenging and incredibly educational. It's dawned on me that I really need to upload on my site more often, so following are progress images in the class up to last week.

Layers and Issues with Cats

Having fun designing my character Nasira. Her head is a little too big. I'd rather have her closer to eight heads than seven. That is nitpicking though. The fact that I've actually sat down and drawn something is the greater accomplishment. The little sketch is my experience with my cat

More Environments

Still working on my environment skills. Reference really does make all the difference, but it's pretty obvious to me that I still need to work on my tonal skills. It's not pretty, but it's a good way to "sketch", or blockout, the layout I want. My initial 2D sketches helped

Nasira and Devika

I feel like there is some questionable anatomy here (that arm is bleh), but otherwise I'm mostly pleased with it. This is the first time I've really attempted to draw Devika. She's a fairly new character, and a necessary one. Her addition to the story has allowed me to better

Older sketches…

As I no longer have a Deviant Art page I suppose I can upload some of my older sketches that I still like.   Below: A few sci-fi fashion designs. A redesign for Sephiroth from FF7 that was for some contest, I think. Looks rather Raiden-ish.   These are sketches of my character Nasira. She's

The cook that’s not a cook…

I did this painting for a WotC open art test. While attending SDCC I stopped by the Westin with some awesome artists and I asked for a critique of the above image from someone. He (I feel terrible as I can't remember his name) gave a very good critique, mostly