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Older sketches…

As I no longer have a Deviant Art page I suppose I can upload some of my older sketches that I still like.   Below: A few sci-fi fashion designs. A redesign for Sephiroth from FF7 that was for some contest, I think. Looks rather Raiden-ish.   These are sketches of my character Nasira. She's

The cook that’s not a cook…

I did this painting for a WotC open art test. While attending SDCC I stopped by the Westin with some awesome artists and I asked for a critique of the above image from someone. He (I feel terrible as I can't remember his name) gave a very good critique, mostly

Women Warriors

  One day I thought to myself "Why do women get the short end of the stick when it comes to cool armor?" So I came up with the idea for a group of female warriors/sisters/daughters of a wolf goddess. The designs for the 2nd and 3rd warriors I had already